Fit-HERO Transformation

At FHL Training, we’re here to accompany you on the journey to attaining your fitness goals. Your hard work combined with the 3 simple pillars of our Fit HERO Program, you’ll be able to live the life that you’ve been wishing for.

Ready to put in the work and see results?

Be the hero YOU need!


Decreased Energy

After a long day you just want to lay on the couch. When you play with your kids you get winded easily and struggle to keep up.

Not Sure Where to Start or What to Do

You search Google or Youtube only to find yourself more confused on how to achieve your fitness goals than when you started.

Clothes Don't Fit

Everything fits tight and you refuse to buy bigger clothes. You vow to yourself that once again you'll fit into that favourite shirts and pants.

Seeing Little or No Results on Your Own

You try to workout and eat 'right' but nothing seems to change. This leaves second guessing yourself and wondering 'what's the point?'

Low Self Esteem

You don't recognize who you see in the mirror and are ashamed it's gotten this bad. You create excuses to avoid activities you used to love.

Struggle to Find the Time

You put everyone else first and feel guilty taking time for yourself. You just can't seem to balance between work, family, and business.


We're going to help you become the husband, wife, and leader you want to be (Or re-discover the one you USED to be) all through a personalized fitness, nutrition, and mindset approach that fits your unpredictable schedule and smashes any obstacles in their place.

It's time to take ownership of the body & life you want.

No more lying to yourself with ''tomorrow I'll get started'' or ''I can figure it out on my own'' after years of struggling.

Time to go all in on yourself & get the help you need to permanently transform your body & life forever.

Check Out How We Can Help

1-To-1 Personalized Coaching

Direct 1-to-1 access to your personal coach through voice/video/text chats. Our coaching is not just an app, a plan or a program - it goes much deeper than that. Our impact and results come from building professional relationships with our clients; we communicate, we listen, we teach you how to succeed & hold you to a higher standard.

Your Nutrition Blueprint

This is NOT a diet! We give you the blueprint and guide you to build a nutritional approach that you can sustain. Your nutrition has to work with your lifestyle while aligning with your goal. Get in the best shape of your life while still enjoying the food you love.

Your Personalized Training Plans

No cookie cutter plans here. We develop your training plan specifically for you in alignment with your lifestyle, fitness level, current mobility and goals. Your plan is fluid, progressive & adaptable so we get in, get things done, and get on with the day.

Weekly Review With Your Coach

This is a time to reflect with your coach on the past week, highlighting what you are winning at and what you need to improve on to keep moving forward. You get lazer focused on the actions needed for ultimate success.

Access To Your Knowledge Center

A library and powerful resource, full of videos, cheatsheets, and guides to enhance your knowledge on nutrition, exercise and mindset. Applied knowledge is vital to build confidence in what you're doing to be able to take control of your health and fitness.

Monthly Strategy Session With Your Coach

Each month you'll get a 45 min call (voice or video) with your coach to really delve deep and reflect on the struggles and successes of the past month and set a solid plan of action to keep progressing.

Private Members Community

A community of like-minded members from around the globe, who are all on similar journeys to yourself. Everyone is there to support, encourage, & challenge each other to step into their best self.. It's the inner circle where you can find top tips, recipes, extra accountability & support.

Your Personalized Dashboard

A small but very effective part of your journey. A powerful tool to access all your personalized workouts (all with video tutorials), and track your continued progress, on the go, 24/7, anywhere in the world. This is not a guessing game & if we wan to move FAST we need to leverage technology and data to ensure everything is moving in the right direction.

Weekly Live Group Clinics

A chance to ask questions and get specific answers relating to your personal journey. Get involved with our group community calls as we focus on relevant topics to enhance personal standards and expand your knowledge and confidence.

Ready? Let's Get Started!


Who is this program for?

You're a busy person with a lightly active lifestyle? You don't have time, the energy, or don't know how to squeeze a workout in your daily schedule? Then you're at the right place. Apply now and we'll discuss about how we can help you.

Do I need to have a gym membership?

With our easy to implicate method, you can train from home or at the gym, whichever works best for you.

Do I need any fitness material?

We keep things simple and adapt to you. This is YOUR program, YOUR moment so whether you prefer training with your body weight or already have fitness equipments at home, we'll help you integrate these materials into your training sessions.

I'm a busy person, how long are the training sessions?

The training sessions could be from as short as 20 mins to 1 hour or more. This is not a 1 program fits all type of training.

We'll get in touch with you and make sure to accompany you based upon your needs. Time won't be an excuse anymore!

I'm a vegan do you offer nutrition plans for me?

First let's remind you that this is not a fad diet.

You'll have an appointment with our certified nutritionist who'll prepare the nutrition program appropriate for your needs and your nutritional habits.


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